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T.A. Sturgeon doesn’t actually live anywhere, preferring to be a Nomad for life. Born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, she has spent a majority of her years moving from one place to another looking for the perfect home.Married and divorced, twice, she roams and then settles, with her 2 cats, wherever she sets down her bass, Fifi LaBeouf.

She has written poetry for over 30 years and has written two novels in the last 8, Champagne Hurricane and Dare To Live.

Writing is her first love, (after her son and baby sis, of course), and is closely followed by music, art and Jack Daniel’s.

She is currently based in Aylesbury, but that could change any day soon ...


Champagne Hurricane:

When an English Designer, Tee A Jackson, is asked to work with a rock band on their album cover, little does she know that within the month her life will change, indefinitely. Becoming caught in a love triangle with the front man of ‘Ea$y’, Max Manley, and his childhood sweetheart, Anna-Lee, she experiences love, hate and loss on a journey she didn’t think possible.

From Buckinghamshire to Canada, her world becomes a collection of events, dreams and nightmares, with a man that takes her to the edge of ecstasy and self destruction. Everyone loves the story about sex, drugs and rock n roll, but what’s really happening backstage? When the lights go down, can two hearts survive their gruelling challenges?

A love story with lots of attitude, maybe every Rock Star’s other half should read this?
Warning - Contains explicit language and themes of an adult nature. 

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Writing History of T.A.Sturgeon


I find myself reciting poetry at middle school in Christmas Assemblies. Pam Ayres a particular favourite (and remembered to this day).


I start writing poetry in Secondary School, after finding a poem in a Sunday Supplement. An emotionally charged home life gives me reason to lose myself when my mother is being all weird and shouty. Poetry takes me away from this. I find it comes easily and is prolific. I write various lyrics and silly ditties for birthdays and weddings.


I start my first novel, ‘Champagne Hurricane’, a rock and roll love story, whilst I’m having an emotional breakdown. The first of a chain of life changing events starts with my father dying and the first husband leaving me, all within 18 months of each other. I’m awarded ‘Runner-up’ in a ‘Writer’s Forum’ magazine competition. I start Aylesbury Art College, as was, and use my poems as part of my finals. It earns me a ‘Distinction’. I find I have enough material to write my first and second book of ‘Pocket Poetry’, ‘Walking My Path’ and ‘Jupiter Child’.


The next 3 books of poetry are written, ‘Two 2 One’, ‘Finding My Roots’, and ‘Moving On’.  I then relocate to Somerset. The novel is put on the back burner due to a demanding second husband, which ends very badly for me.


I relocate back to Bucks, finding myself with little to show for my time away. I return to my writing and the first novel, ‘Champagne Hurricane’, is finished before the New Year.


A massive near fatal heart attack in the March leaves me on the verge of another emotional breakdown. I start to write my second novel, ‘Dare To Live’, and take a very level headed look at my life. Suddenly, everything has changed again. Housebound pushes me back into writing once more and 2 more volumes of poetry are poured out before the end of the year, ‘Life at the end of the Tunnel’ and ‘Alternative Lyrics’. A new novel is started, ‘Hold My Soul’, and runs parallel with the second, six others are also dabbled with, but soon fall by the way.


I finish ‘Dare To Live’ and two more for the poetry collection are completed, ‘The Last Crusader’ and ‘Last One Standing’. A tenth is then completed, ‘Letting Love Rule’. ‘Hold My Soul’, still in its infancy, is set aside as the rhythm of the ode becomes my favourite once again.


With the New Year comes more poetry. ‘Winners and Losers’ is the eleventh book, followed by ‘Thrice Shy’, the twelfth, and’ Lucky For Some’, the thirteenth. Later that year ‘Champagne Hurricane’ is ePublished to Smashwords.com and is welcomed with open arms by the readers, gaining 10, 5 star reviews, and being downloaded at an amazing rate. I place it online, free of charge, thinking no one would want to read it, but how wrong I was. It goes global in a matter of weeks with several other ePublishers picking it up, Barnes and Noble and W.H.Smiths being two of them. I also ePublish ‘Dare To Live’ and three volumes of poetry, ‘Walking My Path’, ‘Jupiter Child’ and ‘Winners and Losers’, all to have surprising results throughout the year.

There is also a fourteenth book of poetry written but is partly lost due to my hard drive burning out, some is salvaged but this remains nameless and unpublished to this day.


‘Champagne Hurricane’ continues to gather followers as the poetry collection grows. I spend time in Canada and write the fifteenth book, ‘Landscaped’, which is then made ready for and then ePublished in March. The sixteenth is started and is to be finished, as yet…



Wow! This book was fantastic! I could not stop until the end, and what an end it was ... loved, loved, loved it!
5 Star Review



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